Bamboo workshop at IITG
My 1st NID, AP summer holiday at IITG
This is my first internship at IITG after my foundation year under Ravi Mokashi Poonekar. It was my 1st time experience working majorly with bamboo. Material given were bamboo, marbles, and metal wires and the brief was that I had to come up with 100 concepts just using the 3 materials. Out of the hundred, my mentor Mr. Ravi Mokashi Poonkar shortlisted 10, and I was given the task to prototype and document the process of any 3 out of the 10 concept of my choice. So i finally Choose to work on:
  1. An instrument made of bamboo, inspired by a traditional instrument played by the local people of Assam called Hutuli. I made 3 different variations of the same.

  2. A whisker made of stainless steel rod and bamboo handle with a marble head. I made 2 variations of the same.

  3. The last one is a showcase, completely nonfunctional product but used for display. I made an airplane and a basket. These 2 items were inspired from the display I saw in their studio and the workshop staff helped me throughout the making of this product. I tried making the same replica of what I saw, as to get an idea of the kind of skill required to make this.