Design project 
Customized back door for students staying in the hostel
This project was done in the 2nd year at NIDV. The course duration was 6 weeks. This is my personal favorite project as I love organizing but because of lack of space in our hostel rooms, we tend to dump thing in our wardrobe. With this simple addition to the back side of the door, your extra things like shoes, books, used clothes, stationery, accessories, etc. can be dealt with in an easier and organized way.

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A customised back side of a bedroom or a hostel room door.

Hangers that can be pinned onto the board.

Also used for pinning up important stuff

A magnetic board to keep your room keys or bike keys safe or also can be used to decorate them with magnetic stickers.

A portion of the door is like hangers that was removable too. Stuff like bracelets, bangles and hairbands can easily be stored without loosing them.

The lower portion of the door covered with elastic bands in a mat format to simple slide is stuff that occupying a lot of space.

User testing of the product

Various ways the user has used the back side of the door.

Adding Colour, Material, and texture to the existing form