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This project focuses on space saving solutions for small 1/2/3BHK apartments and studio apartments for families living in Urban cities. Recently this year, Godrej Interio launched a wall mounted bed called ‘Transpose’ with multi-functionality which targeted the youth. This product created quite a hype in the market, but the only drawback was that these bed’s couldn’t be customised.

According to the survey conducted by the marketing head of Interio, the product did not cater to the user group they targeted. There were a few loopholes to the product and the main problem faces by them wasthat Interio offered only one colour and one design. The customers were looking for colour options and customisation options too. As Interio deals with standard product, U&US decided to take forward this product and take care of all that that ‘transpose’ could fulfil.

Awareness about the product was already there and the other competitor companies also have similar products. Hence, my main focus was now to make the product more attractive and friendly to customers. Also had to make sure to keep the prices as low as possible. In my user survey, I got to know that most of the customers prefer a queen size bed for a wall mounted bed, that too for kids bedroom or the half bedroom which in general case these days are used as guest rooms. The reason being, when guests come over, the kids can shift with the parents and the kids room serves the purpose of being a guest room. Also sometimes people don’t want to lift the bed up and down but due to lack of play area in the building compound they live, the kids would end up playing in their rooms. In such cases the bed could be folded up making enough place for kids to play.

Hence I looked into design elements (like study table, single door wardrobe, marker board etc.) that could go with the wall mounted bed for kids room.

As this product is new in the Indian market and not many people are aware of it, the team decided that we should be open with more choices to our customers. So the team decided to make a few sample pieces of the wall mounted bed for living room as well. This was important because many customers who came to the studio think that bedding solutions are best for kid’s room. Most of the customers don’t know the look and feel of how the wall mounted bed would look like in a living and therefore hesitate to go for such options in a living room.

While making these options, the total cost of the product was still very high. Not all the customers who came to U&US for their interiors could afford this space saving solution’s, especially those families who would want their entire house to be renovated. For such scenario, the designers always give an option of a sofa cum bed. But till date no customer have actually bought a sofa cum bed from U&US. So we decided to try out 2 other option, that is a bed cum bed for a small bedroom or a deewan which opens up to be a bed for living room.