Packaging design
 For sanitary napkins
A sustainable packaging design for sanitary napkins, taking into consideration all the problems women face in the existing sanitary pads. 
Solution 1- An A4 size sheet folded into a self-standing envelope (for display purposes) consisting of 2 sanitary pads for the 1st day periods. 
Solution 2- An individual packaging for single pads. These pads are also in envelopes made of an a4 size sheet.
The prints on the paper are supposed to be carbon ink which helps to absorb the bad odor. (black and white)

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Different colour pallets to the product.

Each sanitary pad packed individually.

Individual packing for sanitary pad, tare a use when emergency. Supposed to be available in all kinds of small retail shops for emergency uses.

Colourful printer papers used as packaging for the ease of carrying around the sanitary pad in situations like schools or any public place.

The packaging also comes with a beautiful quote inside.

The 1st pad can easily slide out. a very minimal adhesive used to make it stay with the packaging.

The 2nd pad could be accessed only after opening the entire envelope. this pad would be the 2nd pad of you periods.

The purpose of making it easily slide out is to show the quickness to getting it out of the package for emergency use.

The origami of the packaging

The packaging also comes with a beautiful quote inside.