Interaction Design- Soul Search


1. Due to the corona pandemic, people with no jobs find it difficult to stay motivated.
2. Instead of spending time on movies and shows, or online gaming, people would like to see you in an augmented reality situation like a gaming platform.
3. Things that people have missed out before lockdown.
4. What is life going be after lockdown ends?
5. Building your future- starting with a letter to self in the next 5 years
6. Life goals maintaining
7. Keeping track of things to accomplish
8. 5 tasks at a time


Building your future
1. Writing down goals, the app does work of searching for you 2. Suggesting videos related to your future goals
3. Basic advice of telling you if there is a scope on it.
4. Help you find institute related to studying further
5. Advising other goals related to yours
6. Making you explore further.


  • -  +1 and +2 students

  • -  PG students

  • -  Any adult who wants to follow their dreams.   

During this time of lockdown, I realized people didn’t have anything to do the whole day. In a day I end texting at least 6 of my friends who stay in the same building as I am. All these individuals have a different currier path and some are just studying. Some are also figuring out what they want to do in life.

Conversation 1- Aadil Adnan Gazzazi- 3 years junior student- in his 2nd year- “I’m studying communication design but how do I go about it. What sort of study options are there and what sort of job does a CD guy even do outside other than being philosophical?”

Conversation 2- Vishnuprasad- my sister’s husband- “It’s been years and I’m still shifting jobs. I’m a mechanical engineer and I’m fascinated to talk to you to know what you study. I had no clue that something like designing even exists. I know I can do masters but I'm not so sure about my currier path now and I feel I’m too old to study now. I should probably think of actually settling down.”

Conversation3- Umama Khan- my childhood friend- “this year I’m supposed to graduate but then what next? Being in fashion and working for someone else gives my peanuts. I wanna start something of my own. What should I be doing? Website? How would people recognize me anyway? Will it be a waste of time?”

Conversation 4- Sadia Mukdoomi- my childhood friend- “studying abroad will be like a dream come true but the expenses are making my dad think twice. If my dad thinks that making me study abroad is going to make him sell his kidneys then I cannot show my face to my college friends. I need to figure out what other options I have.”

Conversation 5- Arjun Suchith- my cousin- “if parents never pressured me then I would have become a scientist by now but here I am stuck with an engineering degree and I don’t know what to do with it. Been into F1 lately. Also been a huge fan of traveling. If somehow, I get to be a part of f1 racing... maybe changing tires could also make me travel. I’ll figure something out someday.”

Conversation 6 – myself- want to do masters- don’t know much about the outside world and its languages- want to be accepted by the country 1st before being accepted by the university- need clarification on the student loan and how is it all done. I wish to get in touch with the right kind of people on LinkedIn.

Common Situation- this kind of conversation didn’t happen a lot before lockdown because everyone was either busy at- tending college or writing exams or interning somewhere. When I was talking to my friends, most of them had an idea of what they want to be in life but have no clue how to achieve it. Some interests that people have, they were not sure if it was a thing that they could do for a living. Some conversation was so messed up that I feel they just need someone to tell them that your ideas about being in the world do not exist.


  • -  I want this app to find connections related to my likes and interests

  • -  Give me article references and hopes

  • -  Tell me if I need a social media presence for what I’m looking for.

  • -  Find me things that I never knew of

  • -  Things that are related to doing than just looking.

  • -  Give you more options and make you multidisciplinary.

    **Problem faced- finding the right kind of information to build your future.


The basic function of the app-
This app is made to connect all your social media apps in one place. It will ask you to link all the other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, tumbler, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. What is does is through these apps it will create a per- fect kind of feed that will help you move towards your goals in life. What it does by connecting all the applications is that it understands your likes and interests and it will make you notice things happening in the world and push you forward towards it depending on it. In your feed, the more you like something the more related feeds you’ll receive. The more you use the app then more your feed gets better at finding your opportunities. Besides that, you can also view your saved items on any of the social media in one place.

This app works very similarly to how youtube suggests you videos according to your recent views but the difference is this app will be filled with opportunities. You don't have to always google search. This app will give you a notification about something even before you have that question in your head and mostly you won’t be wasting time “figuring out”.